Is the most expensive cue the best? Will it make me play better snooker or pool?

A Good Cue PLUS Good technique will help to make you a better player.

The ash for the more expensive cues are often specially selected and should have straight grain if it is an ash shaft, as the majority of cues are. Though the difference in price is often determined by the craftsmanship in the butt, there would be no point in putting a poor quality shaft on an expensive hand-spliced cue.

If you take your game seriously you will not want to be playing with different cues all the time. You will probably have heard how top players value their cue. They get used to the weight, balance and feel of the cue and often say they would not play so well without it. What-ever the price of the cue you buy though, make sure you keep it in a good protective case.

Some players make a cue last a lifetime so get the best you can afford, with all the playing requirements you need. We sell a range of cues to suit any players needs in price, quality and playing requirements.

Pool Coaching DVD's from Blue Moon LeisureIf you really want to be a better player though, check out our coaching videos and work on your technique. A good cue on it’s own will not make a good player, but a good cue plus good technique will help to make you a better player.




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