Pool and snooker cues between £50 and £100 budget

Customer question;

Hi guys, I’ve started playing english pool in my local league and I’m using an old cue I was gifted in my teens! Can you recommend a cue in the £50-£100 budget? I don’t know where to start.  Thanks in advance for your time, Rich.

Hi Rich, thanks for the e-mail, we will certainly do our best to help. First of all, where are you based? If you are local you could visit our showroom where we have hundreds of cues to choose from. Visitors need to make an appointment though so they have the showroom to themselves and can try some cues on our pool table.

We do sell our cues all over the world though so you can be sure of an excellent mail order service should you not be able to visit.

Regarding your budget, I would look firstly at our pool cue and case offers. I think it is important that you keep a cue in a good protective case and if you do not already have a case you need to decide if the case is part of your budget.

You do not state whether you prefer a cue with a mid-joint (known as 2pc cue) or a butt-joint (3/4 cue) so firstly you will have to consider this.

We do have a useful post on this website that gives some advise on buying a pool cue which you will find helpful, just click this link ” Advise on buying a pool cue“.

A cue you may not have even considered before is our Telescopic pool cues which offer excellent value for money and which we only sell direct ourselves.

There is much to consider but for your budget I would consider the following which are among our best selling 2pc cues but many of them are also available in butt-jointed format if you prefer.

Blue Flash




Cushdy Blue


Of-course there are many others as well, including some cheaper ones but I hope this helps and do not hesitate to contact me for more help and advise if needed.





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