Short pool cues for tight spaces – Now you can have a short pool cue with a twist of the wrist!

If  you have ever felt you needed a shorter cue for those tight spots then for sure you will be able to find one somewhere on the internet. However it will not likely feel very good and the chances of being able to play a decent shot with it will be slim. Some players where this is a regular problem have been known to cut a perfectly good cue down in size

just for the purpose. This may enable the player to make the shot but by doing so he will have lost much of the weight and balance of the cue. We do sell cues on our website where the player can remove the butt of the cue but again, though this will do the job, the butt is the heaviest part of the cue so making a good shot with it will be very difficult. If you take your pool seriously you may want to consider one of our `CuePlus` telescopic extendable cues. These cues can be adjusted is seconds and not only do they overcome the problem of tight areas but when you play with the cue in its short length it still retains a good balance and is exactly the same weight no matter what length you choose to play at.  Need a short cue for pool? Look no further.

Telescopic CuePlus 45 pool cue from Blue Moon

Of-course pool players come in all heights and sizes so even if you do not require a cue for tight areas but perhaps just want one that best suits your height these cues could be perfect for you. These cues have many advantages over a traditional cue and another one would be that they can prevent you from overstretching.

These cues are useful for younger players who are still growing but it is important to note that these cues are adult cues and designed for adult play. No more looking for the `short cue`, these cues do it all. Designed and manufactured by Blue Moon Leisure who specialise in these products and supply cue extensions that are seen regularly on the T.V. They are also very affordable and compared with other cues of the same price offer great value for money. And if that wasn’t enough some of the models have adjustable weights so you can adjust the weight as well as the length. They have become so popular we have even designed and launched some American pool cue models as well for our pool playing friends across the pond.


6 thoughts on “Short pool cues for tight spaces – Now you can have a short pool cue with a twist of the wrist!”

    1. Hello William,

      30 inches is very small indeed. Our smallest telescopic cue is 45 inches and though we could probably make one smaller 30 inches would be too small. The shaft alone is about 28 inches. This is about half the length of a cue so I would suggest you may be better off in this instance buying a two piece cue that you can remove the bottom section. This is not ideal of-course as you will have hardly any weight in the cue. It depends on how often you need to use the short cue. We could make one at 30 inches but it would be a custom made shaft which would cost an extra £27 and as we have not made one this small before we do not know how good it would play. It would also only extend 16 inches so would only be aprox’ 46 inches when fully extended. Is is 30 inches on each side? It might be best if you rang and discussed this enquiry and I’ll do my best to help.

    1. It would depend on the cue you ordered Bill. All the cue spec should be on the product page but generally the CuePlus 45 goes from 45 inches to 57 and the 49 goes from 49 inches to 65.

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