Snooker Cue extension in Sunny Akani Songsermsawad unique style

Sunny Akani using his cue extension in a new way.Is this the new way to use a snooker rest and extension?

Sunny Akani using the table rest and extensionBlue Moon Leisure have been making cue extensions for decades and you will not buy a better quality cue extension than the ones which are made by Blue Moon. Though we make them in various lengths to suit all snooker players requirements in the last couple of years the professional Sunny Akani Songsermsawad has been using his cue extension in a new technique that has had many snooker commentators discussing. Some times in sport, a player tears up the coaching book and discovers a new way of performing. Remember the Dick Fosbury who developed the Fosbury Flop? Or the golf players who started to use the Chin putter?  Well it looks like Sunny Akani has developed a new unorthodox way of using his cue extension and we can now offer you a longer extension if you also want to play your long shots in this style.

Green telescopic cue extension

We can offer this option with any cue bought from Blue Moon or can fit the extension with a joint to fit the cue you may already have providing we have the same joint in stock. Please call us or e-mail us with details of your cue so we can try to match up the joint.

Loner Blueray snooker cue extension to play in the Sunny Akani style

To distinguish this model it has been produced with a green operating sleeve. It is important that if you want it to fit into an existing snooker case that you check the dimensions available in your case. The extension is aprox’ 31 inches closed including the joint and extends further approximately 22 inches. This provides an extra total extra reach of approximately 51 inches. If you would like to purchase one of these extensions you can do so by clicking here but please remember to confirm your style of cue and joint. You can e-mail us or telephone 10217 889147.

You can see Sunny playing some shots in this new style by visiting this link

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