Christophe Lambert professionally weighted pool cue


For the pool players who prefer a slightly lighter cue with the the natural weighting from the timbers we are now offering this range of pool cues which may be the perfect cue for you for you. French Pool Player Christophe Lambert only agreed to endorse these cues if they were professionally balanced in this way and as a result the weights of these cues are around 16 ounces. They do surprisingly feel heavier and have a great balance and feel that many pool players will appreciate. High quality timber and craftsmanship ensures these are a top quality pool cues which Christophe is happy to put his name to, only with the agreement that the finished cue should weigh around 16 oz’s. – See below for full cue specifications.


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Selected straight grained ash shaft with an 8.5mm tip this range of cues will suit players who prefer a lighter cue. For those players who also want a mini-butt for longer shots these cues also come with sockets in the bottom of the cue. The 8.5mm tip is ideal for English 8 ball pool and gives more control with the cue ball. Ebony hardwood splicing (no painting!) gives the cues a very natural and attractive appearance. Of-course it takes more then a good looking cue to win you matches and England’s own 8 ball World Champion Jason`Tornado` Twist can help you even further with our Pool Coaching Videos which you can find on this link.  FREE COACHING VIDEOS. 

Cue Specifications
Brand – Riley
Tip Size – 8.5 mm for snooker
Weight –  Only available in 16 oz’s as specified by Christophe Lambert
Shaft – Straight grained selected Ash
Butt – butt jointed Hand-Spliced Ebony.
Format – 3/4 Butt-jointed
Extensions – Mini-butt included FREE with this model
Cue Case – Not Included but it will fit most of our butt-jointed cue cases. Please ask if you require advise.



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