CuePlus 45 `Blue` Telescopic pool cue from Blue Moon Leisure

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Telescopic pool cue made by Blue Moon Leisure in the U.K. No other cue will offer you so much at this price!

Adjustable length, adjustable weight, 2 piece mid-jointed pool cue for easy transit with a small tip for English pool. For full description see below.


Cue Specifications
Brand – Blue Moon Leisure
Tip Size – 8.5 mm. A small size tip especially for English 8 Ball pool
Weight –  This cue has adjustable weights. Choose the weight to play with from 4 options between  16.5 oz’s to 19.5 oz’s. Your choice!
Shaft – Straight grained selected Ash, detachable to fit is a standard 2 piece cue case
Format – 2 piece telescopic cue. 45 inches closed and the player can select any length up to 57 inches. No tight corners, no overstretching. Choose the best length for your height!
Extensions – Not needed! All built within the cue
Cue Case – not included but visit our 2pc cue case page for some great choices.

The Cue+Plus range of Telescopic Pool and Snooker Cues enables the player to choose the length of the cue, and with some of the models they can also choose the weight as well with our adjustable weight system. This model has an attractive Silver cap that enables the player to alter the length in seconds without any loss of concentration.

Players come in all heights and sizes so why not choose a cue where you can pick the perfect length to suit your game. Click Here for video demo on the new `Cue+Plus` Range

No more tight areas where you need a shorter cue, just a `twist of the wrist` and you can change the length without any change of weight or loss in concentration.

The shafts are made from selected straight grained ash and have small 8.5mm tips for English Pool and will fit in a 2pc cue case for safe storage and easy transit.

No other pool cue offers as much and better still at this price they offer great value for money. Read more details in the description below.

1 review for CuePlus 45 `Blue` Telescopic pool cue from Blue Moon Leisure

  1. Mike Brown

    This cue is a revelation and fits perfectly within the limits of my pool room. I originally ordered the cue with two shafts and they are perfect. After a year of playing American 9-ball with my 9mm snooker tips I found ball control a little weak because I needed a wider tip for better control with the larger Aramith balls). I realized that Blue Moon offered the American 9-ball shaft that fit my CuePlus 45, which they sell as the CuePlus 47. Talked to Rob and now I have the best telescoping cue with a great shaft that allows me to play 9-ball with better control. The new 9-ball shaft fit my 45 perfectly. I recommend Blue Moon and Rob Field’s expertise for any player looking for cue alternatives. This is an exceptional addition to my pool room and my playing. Thanks
    Mike B.
    Arlington, Texas, USA

    • admin

      Thanks again Mike for your very kind comments. Really pleased you are happy with your cue and we hope you have many enjoyable games playing with it. Great Pool Room!

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