Customer Bundle within EU – Gino Liessens – Belguim – 25112020


This page has been developed for those customers within the EU who wish to order and require a payment method for their postage . Simply `add to cart` and then order the products you have been quoted for. Please only order the products you have asked for in the postage quote as alternative or additional products may effect postage costs because it is calculated in weight and package dimensions. When you have ordered your products at the check-out choose overseas postage and the correct payment will be made.

When paying by card please ensure that you use the actual address to which the card is registered as the billing address because any alternative address could lead to the card failing any security checks.

Postage -To Gino Liessens – Belguim – 25112020. Postage includes post, packing, insurance, and tracking facility in most countries.
Total £19

Quote valid for 7 days.



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