Porlock butt jointed snooker cue with FREE mini-butt


The Porlock is a snooker cue made from selected straight grain ash shaft and is fitted with a good quality 9.5mm Elkmaster cue tip. The butt has a butt-jointed brass airlock joint and offers exceptional value for money. Bear in mind the cost though and do not expect a John Parris cue for £69 but this cue is very good value for money. It has genuine hardwood splices and also some `cosmetically enhanced` spicing in a hand-spliced style.

This model comes with a FREE Mini-butt short extension to save overstretching.

Optional Blueray Professional telescopic cue extension

The original and the best, as seen on the T.V used by the world’s top players. Tick box to include.

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Cue Specifications
Brand – Blue Moon Leisure
Tip Size – 9.5mm fitted with an Elkmaster cue tip
Weight –  medium 17 1/2  to 18 1/2 oz’s. If you have a preferred weight please advise and we will select the one closest
Shaft – Straight grained selected Ash
Butt – Simulated hardwood splices with Maple butt and genuine padauk splices
Format – Butt-jointed snooker
Extensions – FREE Mini-butt and `Optional`Blue Moon  Professional Blueray Telescopic extension.
Cue Case – Not included at this price! However please check out our cue case selection to fit this cue and extensions.

This is a snooker cue with a 9.5mm tip and fitted with an Elkmaster cue tip. The cue has  a selected straight grain ash shaft and the butt has a brass airlock joint and the cue offers exceptional value for money for a cue of this quality.

Many company’s use their own terminology for cosmetically enhanced butts but we prefer to call it what it is, a nicely painted 4 point simulated butt in a hand spliced style which also has genuine maple and padauk hard wood splices.

This model comes with a FREE Mini-butt to save over-stretching and has an `option extra` of a Blueray Profesional cue extension.

Additional information

Tip Sizes

9mm, 9.5mm


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