Blue Moon Telescopic Table Rests as seen on T.V.

Marco Fu using Blue Moons Telescopic snooker equipment at w2017 World Championships

Blue Moon Leisure were instrumental in the development of the telescopic snooker table equipment that is now regularly seen being used by the world top snooker players at major snooker tournaments and on T.V. Some of the most important shots some professional players have made were with these extendable snooker rests and if they feel they are a valuable piece of equipment then why should you not use them as well? These rests do not cost much more then the old wobbly traditional `long tackle` and in fact often work out cheaper because one of these rests will do the job of both the Half-butt and Full-butt.

Professional 1 x REO1 and 1 x REO3 snooker rest set.
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Made in the UK by Blue Moon Leisure UK Ltd, these tables rests will make some of those long shots a good deal easier. Available as End-of-table rests which extend up to Half-butt, or Half-butts that extend to Full butt, they are light in weight and can be adjusted in seconds to the perfect length so you do not have any un-neccessary shaking and wobbling.

They are fitted with Brass toeless X heads onto a solid ash shaft.

Different snooker rest heads can be fitted if required, just phone us for details. If you would like to purchase one of these superb extendable telescopic snooker rest accessories just follow this link.