What are the markings for a pool table and a snooker table

Okay, you have used our guide on how to recover a pool table and you are now ready to mark it so you can get down to playing a game. Below are the marking dimensions and we have included the ` D` marking in case you wanted to also play the game of snooker on your pool table.


The official rule is: The cloth will be marked with a “spot” at the position where a straight line, drawn diagonally from the centre of a side pocket to the centre of a corner pocket, would intersect with a straight line drawn from the centre of the opposite side pocket to the centre of the other corner pocket (The black spot).

The cloth will be marked with a “baulk line” being a straight line drawn from cushion to cushion, parallel to, and one fifth of the length of the table from the face of the cushion that lies the greatest distance from the spot. Basically this means that you measure down from the top of the table (opposite end to the black spot) a distance equal to one fifth of the length of the table and draw the line across the table.

No need for a semi circle or spot on the baulk line, as there is no significance within the rules of the modern game. However, if required see diagram below for dimensions.

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The markings for snooker can be worked out quite easily.

The Brown, Blue, Pink and Black spots are all on the central line of the table between the centres of the top and bottom cushions. The baulk-line should be drawn at a distance of 1/5 of the playing length (ie: inside the cushions) away from the baulk cushion.

The ‘D’ is a semi-circle with a diameter of 1/3 of the width of the playing area (so a radius of 1/6). The Yellow and Green Spots are placed at each end of the ‘D’, the Brown spot is placed at the centre of the ‘D’ on the baulk line.

The blue spot of course is exactly halfway between the two middle pockets. The pink spot is at the exact centre of the top half of the table. The black spot is at a distance equal to 1/11 of the playing length away from the top cushion.

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