Give It Your Best Shot – Pool Coaching DVD


To progress through to the highest level every player has to start from the beginning. This step by step introduction to the techniques for stance, cue action, bridging and potting. It includes a chapter on equipment selection and maintenance plus 16 amazing trick shots. The best way to find out what is featured in this Pool Coaching series featuring Jason `Tornado` Twist is to simply click on the link below and view PART 1 of this video absolutely FREE.  Check it out and take the first coaching steps to making yourself a better player and win more matches! Note; Some browsers may not start the clip from the beginning so take it back to the start to see the whole coaching session.

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This first video in the superb Pool Coaching series from Blue Moon Leisure is sure to improve any pool players game and help them on their way to winning more games. Many pool players feel that the easiest route to playing better pool is to get an expensive cue. Though a good cue can help your game, it will be no good at all if the player has not mastered some of the basic techniques required and Vol 1 will help you do this. How far you eventually progress will depend on how much you practice these techniques but when things are no going so well it is often the basics which you have to look at first. As with many sports,the basics are as important as any of the other skills you will later learn. Part one of this video is now available absolutely FREE so all you have to do is click the link and you will get some excellent pool coaching demonstrated by one of the Worlds Top Pool Players, Jason `Tornado` Twist.



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