Trick Shots Explained – Play Pool Videos Series


For those players who have seen our 100 Great Trick-shot video, this detailed video explains how you can actually lean to play some of them and impress your friends. 90 minutes long, there are difficulty ratings and advise from World Champion Jason `Tornado` Twist. To give you an idea of the content of this video here is a FREE CLIP the famous Masse trick-shot with details on how to play it.



If you have seen our 100 Great Trick-Shot video you may like to learn how to play some of them. In this video Jason `Tornado` Twist explains in detail how to set them up, shows you how they are played and then rates them based on skill requirements and difficulty of shot. This video is one and a half hours long and covers some of the difficult and easier trick-shots so that most players will be able to play at least some of them and the more accomplished players can try to do them all! This video will show you how to perform them if you have studied the playing techniques in the previous coaching videos it will certainly help because some of the trick-shots will require top spin, side and other skills that you will have now learnt.


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