FREE Pool Coaching videos from Blue Moon Leisure’s Play Pool Video Series

Learn how to play better pool with  World 8 Ball Pool Champion Jason `Tornado` Twist

It is important you view each video in the order below to ensure you do not miss any important techniques from the earlier videos which may make progressing to the more skillful techniques a good deal more difficult, or even impossible. We hope that you are considering buying a snooker or a pool cue from us and that would perhaps be a big step towards improving your game, but a good cue will not win you games without learning the actual skill and techniques on how to best use it.

We hope you find these coaching videos entertaining and useful in taking your game to a higher level. Some useful tips before you start!  The videos may not always start at the beginning (with the Blue Moon intro’) so please use the screen controls to make sure they do so that you don’t miss anything.  At the end of each video simply scroll down to the next, otherwise Youtube will likely play a different video. We’re afraid that’s what you get for us giving them away!   Just keep on this site after each coaching session to see our other free videos. More of the series will be released over the coming months. We recommend that you start at the beginning but there are descriptions under each video if you are looking for some coaching help in any particular area.

Give It Your Best Shot – Part 1

The first volume of the classic pool coaching video series `Give It Your Best Shot!` featuring World Pool Champion Jason `Tornado` Twist is released to Youtube subscribers in 2 parts and deals with the first skills any pool player will need to require before progressing on to the more advanced techniques. The first dedicated pool coaching video series ever made has been digitally re-edited and covers many of the areas of pool often overlooked. Any pool player that follows this series from the beginning will almost certainly improve their game and become a better player and therefore win more games. Of-course, becoming a better player will also increase your enjoyment of the game. You will learn the techniques that helped Jason become the World 8 Ball Pool Champion as he demonstrates in `Part 1` the first skills a pool player must master including Stance, Cue Grip, Bridging, and actually Striking the Cue Ball. The video also includes a selection of Jason’s favorite Trick Shots. Though this video series was first released over 20 years ago the, great coaching advice and techniques it offers are timeless and have never been bettered. Produced by Blue Moon Leisure UK Ltd it is a series that any serious pool player will want to study. and as this video is now available FREE, why not take advantage and give it a try. You will have nothing to lose and only more pool games to win! There are many pool coaching clips and videos available on YouTube but only by following good coaching and learning techniques `in a precise order` will a pool player reach the highest level. We invite you to start that journey by viewing `Give It Your Best Shot` – Part 1

Give It Your Shot – Part 2.       Continue your progress to the next stage.

Give It Your Best Shot – Part 2 of the Play Pool video series from Blue Moon Leisure concludes the first stage of our coaching for pool players who want to improve their game and win more matches. Viewers of Part one will now be ready to step up to learn about the importance of using the correct `Equipment`, and how to achieve a `Smooth Cue Action`. There is coaching and advice on `Hitting The Object Ball` and we also cover `Straight Ball Potting`, `Angled Potting`. It also includes some more amazing `Trick Shots` played by one of the worlds best pool players Jason `Tornado` Twist. Jason has played many times for England and is a World 8 ball Pool Champion. Throughout this coaching video he demonstrates the techniques and practice routines that will help you to play the shots needed in order to become a better player and progress to the next level. When you have achieved this you will be ready for our next title `Playing The Game To Win`.

Playing The Game To Win – Part 1.    The second volume in the Play Pool video series.

The second volume in the Play Pool coaching series is `Playing The Game To Win`. In Part 1 of this FREE coaching video World 8 Ball Champion Jason `Tornado` Twist demonstrates importance of the `Break Shot`. And now that we have mastered the skills featured in the first volume of the series `Give it your best shot!` we are ready to take on the more complicated shots. In Part 1 of this video we study `Potting at Angles`, `Doubles`, `Plants`, `Sets` and `Cannons`. Learning these important skills will help pool players understand how these shots can benefit their play and give them more options when considering their next shot. Jason demonstrates some good practice routines so you can feel more confident in match play when taking these shots on. The Play Pool coaching series is devised so when one skill is learnt properly we can move on to the next and for this reason we recommend you view the videos in order. Following this video (Part 1) we recommend you study (Part 2) which includes `Screw Shots`, `Angled Screw Shots`, `Drag Shots`, `Top Spin`, `Stun Shots`, and `Shot Selection`. If you have viewed the series in order and practiced the techniques advised, then you will already have learnt many skills and will be a better pool player.

100 Great Trick Shots – Part 1.    Lets take a break from the coaching and be entertained by one of the Worlds best pool players!

Part 1 of 100 Great Trick-shots has 4 categories, `Mystery Shots`, `Railroad Shots`, `Skill Shots` and `Triangle Shots`. Demonstrated by World 8 ball Pool Champion Jason `Tornado` Twist this is indeed a fast and furious display of trick-shots from one of the Worlds best pool players. Just to entertain, this first video in our trick-shot series gives followers of our coaching videos a break from the routine of coaching and shows some of the shots that you will also be capable of when you have studied and practiced the techniques in our coaching sessions.

Trick-Shots Explained – Part 1. Okay, you have seen some great trick-shots played, now learn to play some of them yourself!

Trick Shots Explained – Part 1, teaches pool players how to perform some of the pool trick-shots performed in our earlier trick shot pool videos. Performed and explained by World 8 Ball Pool Champion Jason `Tornado` Twist, the video describes how to set the pool trick-shot up, gives it a difficulty rating and also explains some of the problems the player may incur in the trouble shooting section. This video if from the Blue Moon `Play Pool` Coaching Video series and any player attempting these trick-shots would be advised to check out some of the pool coaching videos first as some will require a certainly level of pool skill in order to play them successfully. Why not check this pool video out and see how many trick-shots you can play. Good luck!

Playing the game to Win – Part 2. Let’s get back to some pool coaching! Learn some of the techniques that will make playing the game easier.

`Playing the game to win` Part 2 is the second part of volume 2 in our pool coaching video from our Play Pool coaching series. Jason `Tornado` Twist gets into the more complex techniques in preparation for moving to the next level in our coaching series `Advanced Techniques`. Learn how to play Screw Shots, Angled screw shots, Drag shots, Top Spin, Stun shots and some advise about Shot selection. When you have watch this pool coaching video and achieved playing the techniques explained you will already be playing pool at a high level. Learning to play these shots will give you more confidence and help you to become more consistent and win more matches. Jason Twist achieved the status of World Champion and with this tuition and good practice hopefully you are now on your way to becoming a champion as well.