Cue and Case Deals for snooker and pool players.

Great Value Deals in our Cue and Case Packages for snooker and pool players!

We appreciate that many of our customers are looking for a `one stop` website where they can purchase everything they want for their snooker and pool requirements. With this in mind we have put together some cue and case deals in a range of prices to meet most buyers budgets.


If you are a pool player you may just want a cue with a case that will just carry the cue and some simple accessories such as Mini-butt, chalk or cue towel. We would never recommend anyone keeping an expensive cue in a soft case and with our `Tubular` cases starting at under £20 why not give your cue the added protection of a hard case.

With several of our snooker and pool cues we already offer some cases at discounted prices if bought at the same time. However if you wanted a different case with the cue of your choice then you are still welcome to browse though our cue case pages and make up you own combination. If you are a pool player wanting a cue and case deal, Click here!

For snooker players, your requirements may be different. Not only might you have the same accessories as a pool player but you may well also need a case that holds one of the `Blueray` or `Extenda` Telescopic Cue Extensions for those long shots that snooker players sometimes need. You are also welcome to browse our site and make up your own combination of cue and case. If choosing your own combination please ensure that the case is big enough to fit the cue you are purchasing. However if you are a snooker player and interested in looking at some of our Snooker Cue and Case deals then please Click Here!