Playing the Game to Win – Pool Coaching DVD

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If you have studies vol 1 in our `Play Pool` coaching series and practiced and refined those skills then you are now ready to go up to the next level and this video will give advice and tips on how to do this, and win even more games! Jason `Tornado` Twist shows how to pot balls at angles and there is a FREE clip shown below to give you a taste. It also covers other areas including Topspin, Doubles and Cannons. Buy all three coaching  by clicking the box (an extra £12.99) and get a Trick Shot Video ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Playing the Game to Win is the second in Blue Moon Leisure’s pool coaching video series. Now that you are confident with the skills and techniques you have learnt in the first video you will be able to use those same skills to help you learn more and take you up to the next level. This video studies the strategies needed to win including the break, topspin, doubles, plants and cannons. Learn how to pot from angles and control the ball with backspin, how to make best use of your practice time and the theory behind the complex squeeze shot. Featuring Jason `Tornado` Twist you are sure to learn some techniques and skills that will improve your game and win you more matches. Many players spend fortunes on new cues whilst they would improve their game much cheaper by investing in a good coaching video so these videos are simply the best you can get and a great value for money for any pool player.



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