Snooker and Pool orders from the UK to the EU after Brexit, and the new VAT / Duty rules that apply.

This article only applies to EU countries (ie France, Germany, Netherlands etc) and does not apply to buyers from the UK.

After 4 years of wrangling, only at the 11th hour was an agreement made with our friends in Europe, unfortunately it gave business like ours no time at all to prepare. We had been warned for a long time to prepare but that is impossible if you do not know what to prepare for. Many on-line sellers have even taken their products down until the situation is made clearer and the EU have already got plans to make further changes in July so the picture will not be clear for some time yet.

So, what does it mean for any EU customers (Outside the UK) wanting to buy from our on-line store? Well the good news is that we have been selling our products all over the world for many years. We know how to pack them up safely, do all the documentation, and choose the best carriers. We can get your order to you where ever you are.

Will buying from us cost any more now the UK are no longer part of the EU?  Answer =No.

Customers from the UK and EU have always had VAT charged at 20%. it has always been included in the sale price as shown. The difference now for our customers in the EU (Outside the UK) is that we do not charge any EU overseas customers VAT so the price shown on our website is `without` VAT. Our website is set up to show the `sale price`, depending on the country you are ordering from. Customers in the EU will now see a price which is approximately 20% cheaper. UK customers will see no difference.

Are you getting it cheaper then? Answer = No, not unless your country has a much cheaper VAT rate which is unlikely. This is because you will now have to pay VAT on delivery. Because the EU and UK have reached a free trade agreement there will not be any Import Duty to pay but you will still have to pay the VAT set by your country. It does seem very likely that some time in the future the EU may set a standard VAT rate which will make paying the VAT easier and may even make it possible for customers to pay the VAT with the purchase.

Should you be worried about ordering from us? Answer = No. We have never had any problems from our other overseas customers and we have been selling products all over the world for over 20 years. It will just be a little less convenient for a while but we are sure everyone will soon get used to it and hopefully things will get easier in the future.

We can not advise how you will pay the VAT as different countries may operate different payment systems but hopefully the carriers will also be helpful in advising on this. Some carriers may be able to accept payment on delivery and if so there may also be a small admin charge for doing this. In the future we hope to be able to offer a DDP (Deliver Duty Paid) postal service.

So, there you have it! Circumstances are fast changing and may likely alter over the coming months but we have been entirely up-front with you so you can be fully prepared for the actual cost of the product you are buying.

Many of our products are only available direct from our websites and you can be assured you will still be getting excellent value for your money no matter which country you are buying from.  If you have any questions at all about the products, delivery, or prices, please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be pleased to help.