Re-opening cue showroom through Covid-19

Our Showroom is re-0pened by appointment only!

We will be operating a reduced level of appointments to our showroom  for those local customers who want to try some of our cues before they buy.

The showroom has limited space and though we have a very good range of cues we also have a couple of pool tables in the showroom so there is not much room for social distancing. We can therefore only have a couple of people in the showroom at any one time and can only serve one customer at a time. We have over 100 cues in the showroom and with Covid-19 still a threat for our customers sake as well as our own, each one that is picked up needs to be put to one side, cleaned and then preferably left for 48 hours. We only put a reduced number of pool balls on to the table because each ball has to be cleaned off after a visit and the table wiped down.

For these reasons we are also restricting the amount of time for each visit to 30 mins max. We are also asking every customer what cue they are interested in and what budget they have. This is something we normally ask the customer to consider before they visit anyway but in the present climate this is even more important so we can perhaps get a good selection of cues ready for a customer to try when they arrive. This way we hope to restrict the handling of cues to a maximum of 10 cues which in truth should be plenty. In fact as each visit is limited to 30 min’s it is better for the customer to restrict their choice even further so they can have more time testing their preferred cue.

In short, we are trying to accommodate customers but with the minimum of contact. This is not easy when trying a snooker or pool cue and is not like going into a shop and making most other purchases. Customers do like to try several cues when they visit and if you wanted to spend more time in the showroom it might be better to wait a few weeks when perhaps some of the restrictions are lifted.

Businesses have to make their own judgement on how it is possible to trade during these difficult times. Normally I would suggest customers came down to Combe Martin and made a day out of it. Perhaps even do some Kayaking, surfing or visit some local attractions but of-course this is not normal times. If you are in no particular hurry for a cue, you may wish to wait a little longer so that you could do that.

For visitors that do still want to visit we will do our best to make it possible. Visitors should always make an appointment before visiting and it would be helpful for us to know the following;

  1. How many people will want to come into the showroom. We prefer a maximum of 2 at a time at this present time.
  2. We suggest you visit our website and consider any cues in particular that you might like to try.
  3. Will you likely want a case or any extensions? If so we suggest you visit our cue and case deals for discounted deals.
  4. Do you want a snooker cue with 9.5mm tip or pool cue with 8.5mm tip.
  5. Do you want a 1pc, 2pc, or butt jointed cue?
  6. What is your budget? This will give us some idea what direction to point you in to so you get best value for money. You may not spend up to your budget but you will not waste time trying cues that are outside it. Also in these present times you would not be unnecessarily handling cues that are not in that budget.
  7. Remember to bring a face mask.

If all this seems to much hassle, remember we sell our products all over the world and offer an excellent mail order service which is not effected by social distancing at all. If you tell us your preferred spec’ we will do our best to select a cue that fits all your requirements.

I we would always suggest in the first instance that you give us a call on 01271 889147 to discuss and you can be assured we will do our best to sort you out with a really nice cue.

In the last week we have sent orders to customers all over the U.K as well as to customers in Japan, Czech Republic and Latvia so our mail order service is hardly effected and is something you may also want to consider.

2 thoughts on “Re-opening cue showroom through Covid-19”

  1. Hi I live in Lombard, Illinois . 60148 (USA). Also emailed you.
    Please let me the know the price for Master cue( 3 pcs), blue diamond tips , extender, cue case (aluminum) chalk and leather pocket chalk holder

    1. Hi Ali, thanks for writing. I believe you also wrote to our sister site at and I have responded giving you postage costs. It did not include the other items you mentioned but to be honest it should not make much difference.In order to get everything in the case you would require the Blueray cue extension and not the Extenda. Please let me know if I cam help further, Regards Rob.

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