`Fusioned 1` hand spliced butt jointed Pool cue


The `Fusioned 1` is new to our range and is named because of the fusion of modern materials and cue building techniques with traditional cue making and craftsmanship. This provides a superb combination of the new and the old that results in the production of great looking and great performing pool cues.

Hand spliced from selected materials which includes Ebony splices, maple veneers and the latest technology composite materials used in sport the cue also has a top quality selected ash shafts. Great Quality, Great Performance, Great Price!

See below for full cue spec’


Cue Specifications
Tip Size – 8.75 mm for Pool
Weight –  medium 17 1/2 to 18 1/2 oz’s. If you have a preferred weight please advise and we will select the one closest
Shaft – Straight grained selected Ash
Butt – Hand Spliced `Black Composite` ebony with hardwood splices and veneers
Extensions – FREE Mini-butt

Most of the worlds cue makers have woken up to the fact that we can not continue to cut down rare and endangers forests and jungles simple to provide ourselves with rare and exotic woods such as Ebony. The development in the materials used in sport has not just helped to save the planet but has also resulted in sports products which perform at least as well and in many cases better.

Many cue makers are using these materials now, including some of the oldest cue makers in the world such as Peradon who have a range of cues using alternative composite materials.

The combination of old craftmanship and skills with modern techniques and materials have produced our new `Fusioned` range of cues which offer Great Quality, Great Performance and Great Prices.





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