Mini Push-on cue extension for use as a Mini-butt


Mini Push-on snooker cue extension

This great little snooker cue accessory is popular for players who want a push-on mini butt instead of a screw-on. This may also be because they do not have a joint in the bottom of their cue to accept a mini-butt or simply prefer the easy and quick use of this product. It has a delux felt lined grip to protect the butt of the cue from scratches. It will provide the player with an aprox’ extra 8 inches of reach so helps to play a longer shot where a table rest is perhaps not needed. Also very useful though when playing a shot with a table rest.

It will not reach as far as the Professional Telescopic Extenda but it does do the job of a standard screw-on mini-butt and is also a very useful piece of equipment to be able to use on End-of-Table rests. See below for a full description.


We sometimes get asked by customers for a small push on  mini-butt because they do not have a joint in the bottom of their cue to accept a screw-on. Customers find this small inexpensive cue accessory enables them to play a shot in the same way as they could if they had a small screw-on. To get a joint put into a players cue can be quite expensive and many players do not want to risk any damage being done to the cue in the process. Also, the cue would often have to be posted to another part of the country if you are not fortunate enough to have a cue maker in your area so the postage costs also add to the expense. As well as that you also have the risk of loss or damage to your cue, so this makes this useful piece of equipment offers the idea solution and makes it even better value for money!  This model comes with a felted grip as standard to protect your cue butt against scratches. It holds it firm and is so easy and quick to apply so no lose in concentration. Produced and manufactured by Blue Moon Leisure UK Ltd and made in the UK, they have been designed to fit all standard snooker cues. Blue Moon Leisure are manufacturers of Professional snooker equipment that is used in all major snooker tournaments as seen on TV by many of the worlds top players. This models pr0vides an aprox’ extra reach of 8 inches. See our longer push-on cue extensions if you require extra reach.


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