Overseas postage within EU


This page has been developed for those `overseas` customers wishing to purchase our products from within Europe. Each of the units are the value of £1 so please do not use this page unless you have been advised by a member of our sales team of the correct postal cost to your address. You then simply `change the qty in the box` below to the amount you have been advised and then click `Add to Cart`. Postage includes post, packing, insurance, tracking and VAT.  When you have `added to cart` you can then select the products you have been quoted postage for. Please note that if you choose a different product to the one you have inquired about then the postage cost may not be correct as postage is determined on the weight and the size of the package.

When you make payment at the cart remember to choose `Overseas Postage` which will not add anything further to the payment.

We send our products all over the world and take care with all our packaging so you can be assured we will do our best to provide a very good mail order service to all our overseas customers.



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