Peradon Luna Pool Cue – Made in England


Luna English 8 Ball pool cue with 8.5mm tip.

Manufactured by one of the oldest cue manufacturers in the world, this attractive cue is made in England by Peradon. It has an Ebony machine spliced butt with blue veneers and a selected straight grain ash shaft fitted with a smaller 8.5mm tip for better ball controll when playing English pool. The length is 55 inches and comes with a mini-butt which can be attched to the shaft so a player can use the cue for tight spaces.


The cue specifications for this cue is as below, but please feel free to give us a call if you need further information.

Cue Specifications
Brand – Peradon, made in England
Tip Size – 8.5 mm for pool
Weight –  medium 17 1/2  to 18 1/2 oz’s. If you have a preferred weight please advise and we will select the one closest
Shaft – Straight grained selected Ash
Butt – Machine Spliced Ebony with hardwood splices and blue veneers
Format – 55 inches long, Butt-jointed  with Machine Spliced ebony.
Extensions – Mini-butt included.
Cue Case – will fit most of our 3pc cases.


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