Blueray professional snooker cue extension – Long green cap version

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The `Green` Blueray cue extension to play shots the Sunny Akani way.

A new style of playing with a rest and extension has made this longer cue extension more popular in recent months. If you do not play your rest shots this way the BL16 model will suit most players who still play these shots in the traditional way. Our BL16 model is cheaper and will fit easier into a case so please read the full description below to determine whether this is indeed the extension for you. This model is 31 inches closed and 51 inches open and comes with a green operating sleeve. Made in the U.K and used by many of the worlds top players we can make this extension fit most models but please phone or e-mail us to confirm your cue before ordering. Please see full description below to determine whether this is the right extension for you.

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Playing a long shot in snooker the `Sunny Akani Songsermsawad` way!

A new product to our cue extension range, this model is showing more popularity since Sunny Akani Songsermsawad developed his new style of using a snooker rest and his cue for long shots. Sometimes it takes someone new to look at old `tried and trusted` coaching techniques and this new style of playing snooker shots with the snooker rest is now favoured by a large number of snooker players. This model is 31 inches closed and extends and extra 20 inches to give an extra 51 inches of reach. If you want the extension to fit inside your case please check the dimensions before buying. We can make them to a custom length if required for an extra cost. Please also check if buying for a cue you presently have so we can make sure the correct joint is fitted. Made in the U.K. If you use a rest and extension in the traditional way our BL16 will normally be suitable and is our most popular screw-on snooker cue extension. To see how Sunny uses his extension please follow this link below.

1 review for Blueray professional snooker cue extension – Long green cap version

  1. Jared

    Without question, an absolutely fantastic company with amazing customer service! After trying for over 4 months with many other companies for a custom made extension with no luck I finally came across Rob from Bluemoon Leisure. From day one he was attentive, listened with absolutely no pressure and worked hard to build something that suited me. Even though I imagine the monetary value in it for him was negligible he did not hesitate to dedicate his time, provide me with useful insights (stemming for his abundant knowledge of the product), and help me create EXACTLY what I was wanting. I would not hesitate to buy from him again and would highly recommend that anyone thinking about doing so doesn’t either. The whole process was seamless and 100% worth it. Thank you again Rob for all your time and I look forward to hopefully dealing with you again in the future. All the best, Jared.

    • admin

      That’s great customer feedback Jared, thank you very much indeed. It is always satisfying to provide a customer with what they want and we were happy to do so on this occasion for you. We hope you enjoy using the extension and it helps you to play some of the longer shots. It was a pleasure to deal with you and thanks again for your patience with the postage issues to New Zealand. Many thanks, Take care and good luck!

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